US2989 - Select, Read and Assess Texts on a Topic

US2989 - Select, Read and Assess Texts on a Topic


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Designed to scaffold students through the level 2 unit standard, 2989 Select, read and assess texts on a topic (version 6), purchase of this workbook gives you two versions:

  1. A Microsoft PowerPoint version - edit to suit your particular needs or upload to Google to have a Google Slides version instead if you prefer. Alternatively, you can print or save it as a PDF to 'lock it in'.
  2. A frozen (aka interactive) Google Slides version where pages are saved as backgrounds so that students can't damage the format. To write into the document, students simply insert text boxes in the spaces provided.


As with all my task workbooks, this resource includes:

  • Hyperlinks to external resources and to help navigate around the document. - checkpoints to help students manage their time. 
  • Clearly explained teaching/learning points that take students through the standard in a methodical manner.
  • Checklists to help students ensure they're submitting their best work.


In addition, this resource includes links to external documents (Google Docs) with templates added - students should complete these for the assessment component of the standard. 



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Yes of COURSE you can share this with the colleagues in your department and as many students as you like!  (But I think it would be a bit stink to send it to your mates in other schools - please don't do that.)  Thanks!  :)

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