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US28000 Write for Practical Purpose (EL - Level 2) - Instructions

US28000 Write for Practical Purpose (EL - Level 2) - Instructions


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This resource guides students through Unit Standard 28000  Write a simple text for a practical purpose – version 3. 


For this task, students write instructions to explain to ‘older people’, who are beginners on cell phones, how to use a phone function or app.


Students are provided with:

  • Checkpoints to help manage their time
  • Three examples (annotated)
  • Unpacked achievement criteria and a checklist
  • Information about language features and conventions you’d expect to find in instructions
  • Activities along the way to help explain and reinforce key knowledge points.


This product includes:

  • The student booklet, within which is a cover page for your marking convenience.
  • A file containing templates (layouts) should you wish to use these to scaffold struggling students.


This resource comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages). This means you can:

  • Edit / Tweak it to suit your / your students' needs.
  • Upload to Google if you prefer ‘Slides’ over PowerPoint.
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on them online. (Note that for EL standards, students must work in hard copy because, other than dictionaries, they must not use any digital devices.)
  • Print as hard copy work booklets.
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