US27999 Write Simple Connected Text (EL - Level 2) - Description

US27999 Write Simple Connected Text (EL - Level 2) - Description


See a flipbook video of this resource here.


This is a complete workbook designed to scaffold students through Unit Standard 27999 – Write a simple connected text on a familiar topic (EL) – version 3. Students must write a description about a person, place or thing.  Teachers and students may choose what to write about in line with current units of work.  This will ensure students are familiar with what they’ll describe.


Included in this resource:

  • A complete student workbook in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as an A4 document)
  • A PDF with links to a Google version of the workbook.


The student workbook includes:

  • A coversheet for the assessment task.
  • A hyperlinked table of contents.
  • Clearly unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Checkpoints to help students manage their time.
  • Sections on the skills students are expected to showcase in their assessment.
  • A checklist to help students achieve each of the achievement criteria
  • Hyperlinks t