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US27997 Write for Practical Everyday Purpose (EL - Level 1) - Email

US27997 Write for Practical Everyday Purpose (EL - Level 1) - Email


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This resource guides students through Unit Standard 27997  Write simple texts for practical everyday purposes – version 3. Completing this will provide students with ONE of two texts required for the completion of this standard.  (A task for a second text, requiring students to write an invitation, is avialable here.)


For this task, students write an email to say thank you to someone.  They are guided through planning for:

Greetings and farewells

What they could say in the body of their thank you message.

Email format.


Information is provided about simple and compound sentences structures, conjunctions and verb tenses.


Students are provided an email template to write a draft, then a good copy on.  They are also given a checklist to use to ensure they meet the task requirements.


Please note, an example email is provided, however it is not a ‘thank you’ email.  This is because I found it impossible to write one that wouldn’t have phrases and sentences in it that students could copy from.


This product includes:

  • One student booklet, within which is a cover page for your marking convenience.


This resource comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages). This means you can:

  • Edit / Tweak it to suit your / your students' needs.
  • Upload to Google if you prefer ‘Slides’ over PowerPoint.
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on them online. (Note that for EL standards, students must work in hard copy because, other than dictionaries, they must not use any digital devices.)
  • Print as hard copy work booklets.
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