US26625 Speaking - Group - First Aid

US26625 Speaking - Group - First Aid

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See video flipbook here.

This task is one of 3 required to achieve the unit standard US26625 Actively Participate in Spoken Interactions (version 6), at least one of which must be as part of a group.   This is one such group task.  It is part of our unit on First Aid.  Achievement criteria are clearly unpacked in 'teen speak'.


For this task students must work in a to come to a consensus about what an 'average' family should have in their emergency kit.  As part of this, they must also decide what should be in the medical part of that emergency kit.


Students are given a peek via YouTube videos at some of New Zealand's more recent disasters and also Japan's 2011 earthquake and Tsunami.  They are then provided with links to research what could be included in emergency supply and medical kits.  Activities to guide them through what good conversational skills entail follow this.  Students are then encouraged to get ready for the group discussion by ensuring their own ideas are compiled to take to the conversation and having an icebreaker chosen to suggest to the group.  A checklist is provided to ensure they are all prepared.


In this pack you will get:

  • A booklet in PDF format for easy printing.
  • A booklet in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized to fit A4 pages) so that you can edit it to suit your needs OR allow students to complete the work digitally.
  • A link to a booklet in Google Slides, again so that you / students can edit.  Please remember you will need to make a copy to be able to edit this.


As with all our Unit and Achievement Standard booklets, you may share this with fellow staff members and students of the school you were in when you bought it.  That's a pretty good deal!

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