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US26624 Reading - V6 - Generic Coversheets

US26624 Reading - V6 - Generic Coversheets


This resource is designed to help teachers who are assessing students in the NZQA unit standard 26624 Read Texts with Understanding - Version 6.  It includes a 2-page coversheet to:

  • Monitor the Unit Standard requirements
  • Grade against the Performance Criteria
  • Note internal moderation procedures. 

Use it to grade students' work against when you set them your own task. It is fully editable, meaning you can tweak the aspects you're looking for with regard to your particular task (audience, purpose, topic).  I have highlighted the areas where it's most important to add further details about the text you're giving to students to read.


Please note, this resource is already included in any version 6 tasks I produce for this standard, so please check - you may already have it.

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