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US26624 Reading - V6 - Lead Article

US26624 Reading - V6 - Lead Article


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This resource guides students through one of the three reading activities required to complete the level one Unit Standard 26624 Read texts with understanding (version 6). It is part of a collection of tasks about Jane Elliot’s classroom experiment about discrimination.  (See Plan Your Thematic Programme for details.) Students read an article about a school in New Zealand who ran a similar activity, then find information about what went well and what didn’t. 


(Note:  this is an updated version – you may already have this task in version 5.  Version 5 is still applicable - don't panic!  There are no changes to requirements except that implicit ideas need only be found for one of the three texts now, not all three.  But if you want the fancy pants new one, with answers this time...)


This product includes:

  • A completely editable student booklet which can be typed into if shared digitally or written on if printed. As it’s editable, this means teachers you can tweak it to suit your  own needs.
  • A flat-packed version of the student booklet that you might prefer to share with your students if they're working digitally.  In this version, content is locked except for the parts students need to edit.  It prevents them accidentally destroying format or deleting important information in their copy.
  • Coversheets for teachers to grade/mark with.
  • An answer guide for teachers.


The student workbook includes:

  • A table of contents.
  • Checkpints – teachers/students can write in dates to ensure students meet the final deadline.
  • Explanatin of what they must do for this task.
  • Unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Pre-reading activities abut ideas and vocabulary that will be encountered in the text.  These are nt part of the assessment.  It’s just god peda..peda… ‘teacher moves’ around reading.
  • Questins and activities to help students show their reading skills against the achievement criteria for the unit standard.  (Please nte, I ask students to find implicit ideas in all tasks, however when collating your evidence, note that under the new version six, they need only show this skill in the reading of one of the three required texts.  This is all explained in this resurce.)



This resource comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as A4 pages). This means you can:

  • Edit / Tweak it t suit your / your students' needs.
  • Uplad to Google if you prefer ‘Slides’ over PowerPoint.  (Yes, the dimensins will remain as A4 pages.)
  • Share with students digitally s that they can complete the work on their laptops.
  • Print as hard cpy work booklets.



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Just buy one resource, then you're welcome to share within your department and with students at your school.  (I’m realistic!)

    However, PLEASE, be fair and refrain from sharing with other schools or other departments.

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