US26622 Writing - Response to Documentary

US26622 Writing - Response to Documentary


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This task helps students achieve NZQA’s Unit Standard 26622 Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience - version 4.  For this standard, students are required to write THREE different text types.  This resource covers ONE of those – writing a response to a short documentary.


Here, students watch documentary (it’s only 15 minutes long) about Jane Elliott’s controversial classroom experiment where she divided her class according to the colour of their eyes.  The aim of the experiment was to teach her students about racism.  Students then write a short personal response to tell what they think of the experiment.


Included in this resource:

  • The complete student workbook


The student workbook includes:

  • A coversheet for the assessment task
  • Clearly unpacked achievement criteria
  • Cues to show students when to stop and get teacher feedback
  • T