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US25073 - Read Texts to Recognize Differing Points of View - NZ Environment

US25073 - Read Texts to Recognize Differing Points of View - NZ Environment


See a flipbook video of this resoure here.

This is a complete workbook for Unit Standard 25073 Read Texts to Recognize Differing Points of View on a Topic - version 3. This is a Level 2 Unit Standard. Students must read 3 texts about the New Zealand environment.


This resource comes as an editable PowerPoint version, resized to an A4 sized format for ease of printing. It can be shared with students electronically for online/distance learning or, as stated, printed off as a hard copy document.


In addition, you get a link to a Google folder which can be shared in its entirety with students. All documents here are in Google Slides format, again resized as A4 documents. They are 'frozen' (aka 'interactive') in that they cannot be moved by students, but they can type into them by inserting text boxes over the spaces provided. This is an excellent option if you're worried about students accidentally deleting parts of the documents. Because of the size of the document, the Google versions have been split into four:

1. Information and practice assessment - including unpacked NZQA assessment criteria, checkpoints and a guided practice assessment. This also includes a link to a document giving them the answers (ie to the practice assessment) so that students can mark their own work.

2. Assessment booklet for Text 1.

3. Assessment booklet for Text 2.

4. Assessment booklet for Text 3.


Finally there is a teachers-only (obviously) answer guide included.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Feel free to share with colleagues in your faculty and with all of your students.  Please do NOT share with your buddies in other schools.  That's fair I think.  Cheers!  :)

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