Tumeke Taniwha Challenge - for motivation!

Tumeke Taniwha Challenge - for motivation!


This is something I invented for my Year 9 and 10 students, and I've just tweaked it for my ten-year old stepson.  It's a Microsoft Word document that YOU can tweak to suit your students or your own children (you can see what we chose to focus on already in there - Dad tidying his room being one of them!) 


It involves students/your children gaining points for their work, with extras added for good thinking, neat work etc etc.  Students reach certain levels the more points they get.  There is also a badge system with a badges to work toward and a chart to glue them on.  (You'll see Ethan is going for reading, writing, maths, and 'world' (everything else as he's at primary school.)Anyway, my junior students loved it, Ethan loves it ... so happy days.  I reckon it could be tweaked to make it applicable to older students too!  


Feel free to purchase this to send to parents of your (probably Year 3-10) students!  See note re sharing/copying this resource toward the bottom of your screen.


See also, under 'Free stuff' a wee planning document that Ethan and I are using.  (Heads up to Grubby Graphics who does awesome graphics for NZ and the pacific for their design on that doc.)

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