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Te Reo Māori signs for English and 21st C skills

Te Reo Māori signs for English and 21st C skills


Beautiful signs with key words for the subject of English translated into te reo Māori.  These have been checked by ngā tangata from three different iwi.  These print out in landscape format on A4-sized paper.  I then expanded mine to A3, then cut and laminated them for my classroom wall.  Tip:  make two sets - one for the front of your classroom so that students can see them all the time, and one for the back so that you can see them when talking to the class.  Best way to get to know some key words!  Enjoy!

The pack includes signs for:

  • Curriculum areas: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, presenting
  • Elements of literature: plot, character, setting, symbol, theme
  • Genre: film, picture, novel, short story, poem, essay
  • 21st C skills: thinking, problem-solving, curiosity, creating, empathy, communication, collaboration

...and a few more! 31 signs all up plus blank space for two more if you wanted to add to them.


File comes in PowerPoint (slides resized to A4 page) but are not editable except for the two blank spaces where you can type in your own signage.

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