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Revision (Studied Texts) - Mingle Mate Me & Tātou Tāua Au

Revision (Studied Texts) - Mingle Mate Me & Tātou Tāua Au


This resource provides revision activities for studied texts using the class – pair – self strategy.  The templates require students to first wander around classmates, asking for and sharing information that will help them complete the activity/answer the question.  They then work in pairs to discuss/add to what they know.  Finally, students have a go at writing their own answer.  By this final stage students are more confident in their understanding of what has been asked and know they have a bank of information to go on.  Nobody feels alone or overwhelmed! 


In this pack you get two sets of each of the following three REVISION RESOURCES – one using cues in English (Mingle-Mate-Me) and the other using cues in te reo Māori (Tātou (all of us together), Tāua (the two of us) and Au (me)):

  1. Pre-populated presentation slides for your big screen about the generic aspects of the elements of literature to do with a text.  There are 8 slides, each asking students to note everything they can about a different element of literature in relation to their studied text.  These include an important event, a main character, the setting, structure, language techniques, quotations, main idea and purpose. Students write on their own paper.  Questions are editable, so tweak if you like.  There is also a place for you to add the amount of time you want students to spend on each slide, and space for a model answer at the end if you or a proud student is keen!
  2. Pre-populated presentation slides each with specific questions relating to a studied text.  There are 17 slides/questions.  As with the slides discussed above, you can edit the questions if you like, insert the amount of time you want students to work on each stage, and add a model answer.  Please note, I have also included a special file tweaked just for POETRY!
  3. Pre-populated A4-pages for sharing digitally or printing.  Questions include the 8 generic ones about aspects of literature mentioned above as well as the same 17 specific ones.  Again, the activities/questions are editable if you wish to tweak.  So, same questions as the ones for the presentation mode, but these one provide the paper (or digital page) for students to write/type on.  And yes, there is a specially tweaked version for POETRY in this too!


In addition, you get sets of BLANK TEMPLATES (in both the Mingle-Mate-Me and Tātou-Tāua-Au versions - also sold separately here).  Blank templates include:

  • Blank templates for your big screen.  One of these allows you to insert one activity (plus time markers) that students can work through as a class, then as pairs, then on their own.  The other template allows you to type in your own instructions for each stage, just in case you want the whole class, pair and individual tasks to be slightly different.
  • Blank A4-sized page templates in four lovely designs for you to choose from.  Type your own activities/questions in, then share them with students digitally or print.


You will receive this resource in Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you prefer the Googly option, simply upload to your Google Drive where it will magically change to the Google app version.


Note:  A blank set of templates is also available here!

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    It'd be great if you could purchase this resource just for you.  With these we individual ones, if you want to share them with your department, why not flick me an email and we can work something out?  I'm pretty fair!  :)

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