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Plan and Structure Writing - 8 genre for Yr 10-11

Plan and Structure Writing - 8 genre for Yr 10-11


Purchase of this product provides you with a link to a Google Sheet that will enable your Year 10 and Year 11 students to plan and structure their writing for multiple tasks including:

⭐  Creative Writing – plot driven

⭐  Creative Writing – description

⭐  Argumentative Writing (essay, article)

⭐  Literary Essays – discussing one ‘thing’ (eg one character, one event) and discussing three ‘things’

⭐  Close Reading (think unfamiliar texts)

⭐  Close Viewing (ie of a film, but this could easily be tweaked if you wanted to focus on an oral text)

⭐  Connections across texts

⭐  Inquiry – an information log


Each sheet basically provides students with a breathe-in-breathe-out fill in the gaps guide.  Note:

❤️ Some of the templates provide examples

❤️ Comments are provided within many of the cells to provide help to students who need further explanation.

❤️ To move between sheets to find the template they need, students simply click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

❤️ The first rows and columns have been frozen on many of the sheets to allow students to scroll/work through the spreadsheet, spreading to infinity, while still having the headings remain visible.

❤️ These have been designed to scaffold students who struggle and extend more able students to think more critically.


A fantastic resource to last you and your students the whole year.  Please note, this resource has also been loaded under both English Subject Resources AND Level 1 Achievement Standards.  Just in case you're confused though, it is the same resource.



🖥️ Google sheets (so, completely editable)



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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Sharing is not caring.  Please purchase one per teacher.  If you are the purchaser you may not share this with your colleagues.  Share with as many students as you like year after year though!

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