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Māori Storytelling Features - 1-page teacher guide

Māori Storytelling Features - 1-page teacher guide


This is an editable one-page teachers' guide about aspects - features - of Māori storytelling.  It's designed to give you a headstart regarding where to begin with this genre, and, of course, to save you time.  This is an especially helpful resource in relation to the new English Learning Matrix - Significant learning - Māori voices. 


This resource outlines:

  • Verbal/aural features
  • Visual features
  • Structural features
  • Mood
  • Ideas
  • Purpose
  • Connections - eg, the different versions of the same story, and connections with Greek Gods
  • Things to remember - 3 key aspects about story telling for Māori
  • The 'Telling' (practice of) eg: what makes a good story teller etc

The resource is in Microsoft PowerPoint (so it's editable) in a printable A4 size.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Sigh...go on then...I know you're going to share this with all the teachers in your department.  :)

    Please do NOT share with your mates at the school down the road though.  Thanks!

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