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Literacy - Reading and Writing Activities - Resource 4


This is the FOURTH of a collection of resources designed to improve students' skills in reading and writing literacy.  It is aimed at Year 9 and 10 students.  Note this is a completely editable workbook that you can print or share digitally with as many students in YOUR school as you like.



Activities are based on an extract from a student's travel journal relating to a trip to New York.



  • Students must write their travel journal relating to a trip they've taken or would like to take (journal imagined).   
  • Students then complete a range of activities to show their abilities in the technical aspects of writing.


This resource includes:

⭐ A student workbook.

⭐ A separate answer booklet.



Both the student workbook and the answer booklet come in the following formats:

🖥️ Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to an A4 page.   This means your resource: 

  • Is completely editable.
  • Will easily upload to your Google Drive if you prefer the Googley suite.
  • Is printable 📃

🖥️ A PDF version


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  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Feel free to purchase just one for your department - no need for a copy for each teacher.  Use with as many students as you like!  However:

    • Please do NOT share with the school down the road. 
    • Please do NOT take it with you to a new school.
    • Feel free to suggest the website to others - that'd be great!

    That's pretty fair I think!  Let's help each other out.  :)

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