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Legacy by Whiti Hereaka Teacher resource

Legacy by Whiti Hereaka - Teacher Resource


This is a teaching resource for your class study of the New Zealand novel, Legacy, by Whiti Hereaka.  It's a massive, no-prep 90-page resource that includes three separate files including teacher master copy (with answer guide), student workbook, and a third document of chapter summaries.  It is designed for students in years 10 and 11


Here's what you get:



The teacher’s resource book which includes all student activities with the answers typed in to save your busy brain!  It also includes the notes about main ideas, symbolism ... all the elements of literature.



booklet of student activities .  Have a quick flip through this booklet here Booklet includes:

  • Activities on each chapter.  Activities cover vocabulary, Q and A, aspects of setting, inquiry and response.  There is room for students to write their answers on the booklet which you can distribute as a hard copy or, my preference, digitally.  I recommend sharing this booklet in digital form with your students so that they can type their answers and make use of the many hyperlinks in it.  It will also save your budget!   Students could complete in class or for homework.
  • Notes and activities about our usual elements of literature including:





-Main ideas

-Traditional essay-style questions



A booklet containing chapter summaries .  These have been colour-coded to show the three eras/setting, and I have placed an asterisk beside the chapters I consider particularly significant.  


It’s all editable, so happy days - put your own spin on any part of the resource.


Note, it has been produced in Microsoft PowerPoint, resized to A4 sized pages for easy printing.  You can easily upload it to your Google Drive or Google Classroom if you prefer that system.  You could also save any part of it as a PDF and deliver it to students that way (students would have to complete activities in their exercise books).


Note, to make navigation easier, the soldier at the top right-hand corner takes you/students back to the table of contents.  The table of contents pages are also hyperlinked.  It's the little things, eh!


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please do not share with your mates down the road.  Happy if you want to share within the department you are/were in at the time of purchase.

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