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How to Add Quotations to Your Writing

How to Add Quotations to Your Writing


This is a reworked, much improved version of a previous resource suitable for any subject area (and now dubbed "The Quotation Incorporation Situation"!)  How to do this correctly has been broken down into manageable steps, and I've included a few activities to help students practice their new or improved skills.


With this resource you get:

1.  A PowerPoint slide show for your big screen.

2.  A two-page printable handout for students to use as a handy reference guide. It includes small circles beside each rule that students can tick when they feel comfortable with that skill.  (A good way to 'formatively assess'!)


This is excellent for essays or other formal writing, however, of course the principles can be carried over to creative writing and the punctuating of dialogue.  


Please note, this is not editable except on one slide which you might like to share with students online to practice incorporating quotations from their studied text.  (This slide could also be printed if you prefer students to handwrite.)

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