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Go-to Hyperlinked Guide for ESL Teachers

Go-to Hyperlinked Guide for ESL Teachers


Sick of surfing to find the things you need?  Not even sure of what you need in the first place?  This is a compilation of key documents, complete with hyperlinks to take you straight to what you need.  It includes:

  • Information on programmes of study
  • Assessment support and sufficiency statements
  • Links to handy tools for ESL teachers
  • One page that puts together, for each genre (reading, writing, listening and speaking):
  1. Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) per level
  2. Language skills and control descriptors (What students should be able to do/show)
  3. Sufficiency and Assessment Guidance
  4. The Unit Standard Matrix (including handy hyperlinks to each unit standard)


This is my key time-saving, frustration-busting go-to document.  I'm sure it will be yours soon too!


Note well:  This was originally a free download, so if you took advantage of that perk, please do not purchase it again here!  :)

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