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Getting Cushy with Close Reading - Unfamiliar Texts

Getting Cushy with Close Reading - Unfamiliar Texts


This resource includes no-prep one-pagers for the close reading of any short written unfamiliar texts. It is a concentrated version of my Sift and Lift booklets for Levels 2 and 3, however could be used for an able year 9 class right up to year 13.


Students note tone, purpose, ideas, audience, mood, and links to humanity and trends in fun one-page, no-prep flowchart worksheets. Language and structural techniques are considered in relation to these aspects. Critical thinking and enhanced reading confidences is pushed in this super-effective go-to resource when you want students to analyse a text but don't have time to prepare much on it! Also easy for sub/relief lessons!



  • 8 files - all completely editable in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized as printable A4 pages). Upload easily to your Google Drive if that's your preferred suite. Files include:
    • 1 master file for teachers which includes instructions/suggestions, plus
    • 7 individual files should you want to share individual sections with students online


You and your students will enjoy

  • Language and Structure demystified (how these are used to communicate ideas with a specific purpose)
  • A comprehensive list of language techniques so that students know what they need to learn.
  • A cue card (flashcard) template to help students learn techniques.
  • A clever acronym and example page to help students learn to comment on the effectiveness of (evaluate) techniques. A template so they can practice this!
  • Two different one-pagers that you can give to students with any text to tease out:
    • Tone
    • Purpose
    • Ideas
    • Audience
    • Mood
    • What's missing (bias)
    • Linking to humanity
    • Trends and events and more. (We ask 'So what?!')
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