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Blood Diamond - Film Study

Blood Diamond - Film Study



This is a complete teacher resource for a film study of Blood Diamond, directed by Edward Zwick.  It has been written and edited during the course of several years of teaching the film so is very comprehensive!  It was designed primarily for Year 12 students and is an excellent study guide for Blood Diamond.  This is excellent for students completing the NCEA English 2.2 Analyse a Visual Text, but could probably be used for Year 13 as well.  While there is no reference to NCEA Achievement Criteria for 2.2, the resource has been aimed at that year group.

This is an epic product that includes:

  • A 107-page EDITABLE collection of teacher notes that cover all elements of literature plus detailed notes on 23 key scenes (including quotations, film techniques and screen snips)
  • A 19-page student viewing journal (Print or get students to complete digitally in Google Slides)
  • 13 pages of student worksheets (Print or get students to complete digitally in Google Slides)
  • A webquest that can be used for pre or post background research in Microsoft Word (Edit, print, or get students to complete digitally (hyperlinks all included)

When you purchase this resource you'll receive a document that provides a link to a Google folder, within which you will find all your lovely files. 

All documents have active hyperlinks to external websites. 


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Do it, but within YOU department only.  And if you move schools, keep it to yourself.  The SCHOOL (or somebody working there) has to buy it.  That's pretty fair don't you reckon?

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