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3.7 Connections - Dinky Thinky Links

3.7 Connections - Dinky Thinky Links


To see a video flipbook of this resource, click here!


This workbook is designed to guide students through the NCEA Achievement Standard 3.7 Respond critically to significant connections across texts, supported by evidence - AS91478. It is generic in that students can use any text categories/themes they have been working on in class.


Purchase awards you with multiple versions including:

  1. a Microsoft PowerPoint version (that you can upload to your Google Drive to convert to Google Slides format if you prefer, or even save as a PDF) - note:  the doc is resized to A4 format.
  2. a 'frozen' (interactive) Google Slides version (students insert text boxes in spaces provided.


In addition links are provided to a Google spreadsheet to help students map our their connections, and also to a Google doc to help them structure and draft their final report (be it written or via an oral/recorded presentation).


Students are provided with an overview and notes on the NZ curriculum aspects of purpose, audience and ideas, then guided through the structural and language tools that creators use to manipulate and fulfill their goals.


As with all Drive Resources task booklets, this one:

  • is designed to be used digitally, but can be printed as hard copy booklets also,
  • includes checkpoints to help students manage their time,
  • has hyperlinks to give students access to external documents as well as to navigate the document,
  • unpacks the NZQA achievement criteria in 'student speak'.


This task booklet also provides a checklist to help student ensure they are fulfilling the requirements of the standard and submitting their best possible work.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Share with the colleagues in the school you are/were in at the time of purchase.  (No sharing across schools though PLEASE.)  Share with as many students as you like.  That's what we need eh?!

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