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3.6 Create a Visual Text - Insta Insights

3.6 Create a Visual Text - Insta Insights


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This workbook guides students through what they need to do to create a visual text that commands attention. Students must create an Instagram account to illustrate a refined aspect of a wider issue, human behaviour or aspect from a studied text. Through reels, posts and stories they must develop their insights about that aspect in a fluent and sustained manner. In this completely editable workbook (so teachers, you can put your own spin on it too):

  • Achievement criteria are clearly unpacked and related to throughout.
  • Structure, language features, ideas, purpose and audience are explained.
  • Ample room is provided for planning both the foundations and details of their creation.
  • Checkpoints help students manage their time.
  • A checklist ensures students have tied everything together to create a "striking whole".

Should be fun!

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Share in your school but not outside.  :)

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