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2.4 Writing - The Meeting

2.4 Writing - The Meeting


See the YouTube flipbook here!

This task requires students to write the story of a meeting between two characters who originate from two different texts.  They could use characters from texts they have studied, or just one they have studied and another they've read/watched in their own time.  The booklet takes them through:

  • What they need to do and conditions of assessment
  • The achievement criteria which are clearly unpacked
  • The purpose of, and audience for, their story
  • Choosing their characters and point of view
  • Plot and structure
  • Developing character and setting
  • Writing dialogue - layout and punctuation
  • Tense
  • Figurative language
  • Sound devices and MORE!

As usual, checkpoints are included to help students manage their time.  Checklists are also included to help students ensure they've thought of everything.

Hyperlinks help students navigate the document and visit relevant external sites.

To cover all bases, this document comes in the following formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (resized for A4 pages)
  • Google Slides (Remember to MAKE A COPY so you and your students can edit it!)
  • PDF

As per my usual policy, you may share this resource with colleagues who are in your school at the time of purchase.  Cos - hell yes!  Please see the Terms and Conditions in your file pack.

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