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2.4 Writing - Lock in the Legend

2.4 Writing - Lock in the Legend


See video flipbook here

For this Achievement Standard task, 2.4 Produce a Selection of Crafted and Controlled Writing (AS91101), students write a biographical excerpt about a person of their choice.  They are guided through selecting their subject from a list of possibilities such as a coach, family member, kaumatua, friend etc.  They are encouraged to focus on ONE aspect of that person's life, and then to develop their ideas around this.  A table has been designed to help them delve deeply into the subject and aspect about which they want to focus.  This in turn will help them develop their ideas.  The achievement criteria for this standard have been fully unpacked and put into a language that students can understand.  Students are provided with checkpoints, the dates for which they must fill in with their teacher.  Ideas and explanations to help them craft their work are included and cover things such as structure, tone, tense, figurative language, sentence structures and beginnings, language techniques and more.  A checklist is provided at the end for students to run through before submitting work.  This is a complete booklet that guides students through from beginning to end.  In this one product you get the following formats:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Slides
  • PDF (with active hyperlinks)
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Just buy one resource, then you're welcome to share within your department and with students at your school.  (I’m realistic!)

    However, PLEASE, be fair and refrain from sharing with other schools or other departments.

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