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2.10 Close Viewing - Popcorn Pause

2.10 Close Viewing - Popcorn Pause


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This task booklet, for NCEA Achievement Standard 2.10 Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence (AS91107)  comes with an explanatory video (the link to the YouTube explanation is provided at the beginning of the document).  For this task students must discuss four ideas (aspects) from a scene/film.  A template has been created to help them ‘brainstorm’ these ideas.  For each aspect they must then identify techniques used to illustrate that.  A template carefully guides them through naming the technique, describing the example, explaining the effect of the technique and then asking, ‘so what?’ – that is, it shows them how to think critically about the techniques used and the aspect itself.  Students are given an example based on the short New Zealand film “Sweet As”.  They are then encouraged to have a go at analysing an aspect we’ve chosen from that short film.  Secondly, they practice with a supplementary film – one that they could discuss in relation to there key film for the year (the one they’ll use for the external 2.2 Analyse a Visual/Oral Text).  Finally, they complete this assessment from a scene(s) from that key film.  This allows them to get to know the film they’ll be using for that external really well!  The workbook carefully guides students through the requirements of the standard and is designed with Excellence in mind.  Checkpoints are included to help students stay on the right track and manage their time.  Film techniques and elements of literature are discussed.  Hyperlinks to external websites provide additional resources for students.

As with all our task booklets, this resource:

  • Is available in Microsoft Word and Google Doc formats - use it as is or edit it to suit your/your students' needs.
  • Is primarily designed to be shared with students digitally but can also be printed.
  • Is designed to ensure students have the opportunity to achieve Excellence. 
  • Includes clearly unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Includes in-built checkpoints, tables and templates, providing a structured and scaffolded approach.
  • Contains hyperlinks for easy referral to parts within the document and also to external web sources.
  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Just buy one resource, then you're welcome to share within your department and with students at your school.  (I’m realistic!)

    However, PLEASE, be fair and refrain from sharing with other schools or other departments.

  • Flip through this resource!

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