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Online Tutoring

English:  Years 9-13 (incl NCEA) and ESL

Tutoring on-line gives students more flexibility, and avoids the hassles of time-wasting, costly travel.  Learn with a tutor who has 25 years' teaching experience of teaching English in New Zealand high schools (Years 9 to 13) and who is also a qualified ESL teacher.  Students get a dedicated Google Drive folder with resources catering to their needs.  Lessons are also recorded so that they can be watched again.


First, download Zoom.  This is similar to Skype but much better!  When we meet online it will be through Zoom.  Downloading the programme now will be a big help - it only takes a few minutes and it's free!

Next, book a time in the ORIENTATION calendar below.  Note, our first time-period will be 30 minutes long and will be a free orientation session.  This includes:

  • Getting to know you - your interests, trouble spots, strengths etc.

  • Showing you through your Google Drive folder - this is where you'll have access to resources, and also where you'll file work for me.

  • Introducing you to bitpaper, the online-whiteboard.


Once that's done, you can book your tutorials as you need them!

Each session runs for 45 minutes and costs NZ$50.  This will show as approximately US$32 for billing.

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