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US30507 - EAP L3 - Write a Short Text Under Test Conditions

US30507 - EAP L3 - Write a Short Text Under Test Conditions


See a video flipbook of the Student Preparation Booklet here.  (Student Assessment Booklet featured in thumbnails.)

This product is designed to scaffold students through Unit Standard 30507 Write a short text under test conditions in English for an academic purpose – version 1.  

Included in this resource are three files:

  • Teacher Guidelines
  • A Student Preparation Booklet
  • A Student Assessment Booklet

The Student Preparation Booklet (featured in video) includes:

  • A table of contents page.
  • Important information about what they will do in the assessment, when it will take place, conditions etc.
  • Unpacked achievement criteria.
  • Information and activities to help students learn about important skills required for this unit standard.
  • Three articles that will be students’ resource material in the assessment.  They come with familiarisation activities to ensure students know the texts well before the writing assessment.  These are the articles used in other EAP Level standards, including US30508, US30509 and US30511.

The Student Assessment Booklet (not shown in the video, but shown in thumbnail pics) includes:

  • An instructions page (including the research question to be answered in students’ writing).
  • A planning page.
  • A checklist to help students check their work in their editing and proofreading stages.
  • All three articles that make up the resource material.  I have put the research question that students must answer on every page of the resource material to help keep them focused on what they are looking for.

You can:

  • Edit / Tweak these digital resources to suit your / your students' needs
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on them online.  Note, it will easily upload to your Google Drive to convert to Google Slides (as an A4 sized document).  I recommend printing both documents, however (even the preparation booklet).  As a result the usual navigational hyperlinks do not appear in the student booklets.
  • Print as hard copy work booklets.
  • Save them as a PDFs