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US10791 - Participate in an Informal Meeting

US10791 - Participate in an Informal Meeting


See the complete resource in this quick video!

This resource guides students through the NZQA Unit Standard 10791 Participate in an Informal Meeting.  Suggestions for meeting students could participate in, and resources to help with meetings, are included.


Included in this resource:

  • The complete student workbook - see more details about this in notes further below.
  • Answers / answer guides for all learning, practice and assessment activities.
  • A bonus ‘frozen’ students workbook.  Share this version instead with students if you’re worried about them damaging or deleting their booklet.  They can still type into it by inserting text boxes over the spaces provided.


The student workbook includes:

  • A Coversheet for assessment task
  • A hyperlinked table of contents
  • Clearly unpacked achievement criteria
  • Checkpoints to help students manage their time
  • Activities to teach them about informal meetings (including the differences between 'formality' and 'IN formality')
  • Checklists to help students ensure they've met requirements
  • Hyperlinks to external sites and to help navigate the document (including a 'home' button on every page to take students to the table of contents)



This resource comes as an A4-sized document in Microsoft PowerPoint. This means you can:

  • Easily upload it to your Google Drive if you prefer a Google format.
  • Edit / Tweak to suit your / your students' needs
  • Share with students digitally so that they can work on it online
  • Print as hard copy work booklets


Please remember your feedback is always welcome.

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    You may share this resource with teachers in the department you were in at the time of purchase. You may also share this with as many students as you like.  Please do not share with teachers in other schools.  Thanks heaps!  :)