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Teacher Inquiry Document

Teacher Inquiry Document


Make your Inquiry less stressful.  Keep it authentic.  Ensure you love it.  This document guides you though the basic steps of an inquiry in a logical format, making use of tried and tested (in several schools) template.  I call it the DAFT template - somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but just as serious in its identification of a problem (Dang!), Asking more about the problem, Finding more information and finally 'Tryflecting'.  Tryflecting involves ... trying and reflecting!  The name of the game is to enjoy your inquiry and to see what might initially be perceived as failures as successes instead.  Like our students, we have to stumble and fall to learn - so let's laugh at those bits and carry on!  This document also helps you make links between the NZ Teaching Council's Standards and your inquiry in a quick and simple manner.  (Note, you will find a swished up version of the Teaching Council's Quality Practice Template in our free resources.  Use it for your staff or department meetings to brainstorm how you collectively support the standards.) 


This document comes as a PDF, but - most importantly - a Microsoft document so that you can edit it!  Whoop whoop! 

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    A lot of work went into this.  I’d prefer you kept this resource to yourself.  I’m happy for you to share larger products (like the Achievement Standard and Unit Standard tasks) with others in your department, but this is just a wee price.  Buy your own, and let others buy theirs.  Cheers!  😊

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