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Te Reo Māori Dictionary (Plus) for Literature Studies

Te Reo Māori Dictionary (Plus) for Literature Studies


This is a dictionary for students to record words in te reo Māori / concepts from te ao Māori as they come across them in their text studies. There is a page for every letter of the Māori alphabet and on each of these is:

  • a table for students to type words and meanings onto
  • a clickable button to take students straight to the Te Aka Māori dictionary online, and
  • clickable buttons to navigate to any letter (page) of the Māori alphabet.

(Originally designed for the English classroom, this could easily be used for any subject area.)


It also includes two extra pages to show students how looking through a mātauranga Māori lens can add to their enjoyment of texts and enrich their critical thinking skills, and includes an example (Goldilocks and manaakitanga!) and a template to use with any text.  (This template can be duplicated as often as needed.)


This resource is flat-packed, meaning only the areas that are clickable (hypelinks) and that can be typed into are editable.

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