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Drive Dump for Distance Learning!

Drive Dump for Distance Learning!


To check to see what you get in this bundle watch my YouTube video here.

This is the ultimate bundle of resources to cope with teaching online.  Purchasing this resource gives you a link to a Google Drive folder full of the essential tools for teaching in an online environment.  Please remember to make a copy of the documents and save them to your own drive as, apart from the PDFs, they are in VIEW ONLY form.  Once you've made your own copy, you can edit as you like!  With this resource you get:


Note, these products are also available as individual resources in my store (see links) where most of them  include not just the Google version, but the Microsoft and in some cases a PDF version also.  

  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please read the terms and conditions included with this bundle.  The orginal purchaser may not share this with others.  Thanks heaps for your understanding and good will and all that.  :)

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