Course and Unit Planners (with the NCEA Review in mind)

Course and Unit Planners (with the NCEA Review in mind)


See a video explaining this resource here.

These course and unit planners have been designed with aspects of the NCEA review in mind, but cover Years 9 to Year 13.  Planners include handy prepopulated dropdown menus that allow you to include in your plans - with a simple click - aspects of:

  • The curriculum
  • Mātauranga Māori (mostly linking to the 'Critical Theory of Aotearoa' I devised in my attempts to learn more about how to incorporate this into the English classroom - subscribers were given my theory and I also spoke about it in my blog about planning with this in mind.)
  • The learning matrix (as per the NCEA review for years 11-13)
  • Language
  • Assessments ... and more.

The key difficulties with planning included:

  1. how to plan with Mātauranga Māori in mind (for me it was a new concept I'm sorry to say)
  2. how to put planning on 'the page' when you're trying to take into consideration multiple documents such as the new matrix, assessments, the NZ curriculum etc... 
  3. the time-consuming and brain-boggling task of looking up particular aspects in our key documents that related to each year level.

Then I thought of dropdown menus - prepopulated so you just need to whip across and think, 'yep, we'll do that, and that, and that'.   

So this product includes:

  1. COURSE planners for Years 9-13
  2. A 5-year planner (which I think I forgot to show in my video - aaagh!) where you can set out overviews for each year level beginning from Year 7), and
  3. UNIT planners for teachers of Years 9-13

You can edit the dropdown menus if you're keen by heading to the 'Do Not Touch' tab at the bottom of each sheet and adding your own ideas.  Instructions for this are included.