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Course and Unit Planners (with the NCEA Review in mind)

Course and Unit Planners (with the NCEA Review in mind)


This is a collection of digital planners for English teachers that help you embed aspects of the NCEA review.  They cover years 9 to 13.   Planners include handy prepopulated dropdown menus that allow you to include in your plans - with a simple click - aspects of:

  • Mātauranga Māori (key concepts/values from te ao Māori - 'labels' available here and also in my Mātauranga Māori 'beginners' pack.)
  • Students/whanau as teachers - what learning can students/whanau bring?
  • Community Links - can we relate this aspect to a person, place or event in our local community?
  • The English Learning Matrix (as per the NCEA review for years 11-13)
  • Language (eg, the language of film, persuasion etc)
  • Assessments ... and more.


See a video explaining this resource here. (Note, there have been a few updates since this video was made, but you'll get the idea!)


For easy of use:

  • Top rows and left hand columns have been frozen so that no matter where you scroll, they remain visible.
  • Drop-down menus have been prepopulated with aspects relating to individual year levels.  Eg:  clicking on the drop down for the English Learning Matrix on your Year 11 planner will give you the significant learning for Year 11/level 6 only.
  • Prints fine (but may depend on your printer).


Many teachers need for help with:

  1. A way to embed Mātauranga Māori into planning.
  2. Linking the many Ministry documents PLUS curriculum knowledge and skills within their planning.
  3. Planning for a thematic unit or a text or a skill - which one?  How?
  4. A tool to plan easily.
  5. Time...time...time


I think I've cracked it!


So, this product includes:

  1. COURSE planners for Years 9-13 - one set WITH the NZ curriculum, one withOUT (I prefer the latter!).
  2. A 5-year planner (which I think I forgot to show in my video - aaagh!) where you can set out overviews for each year level beginning from Year 7), and
  3. UNIT planners for teachers of Years 9-13 - one WITH the NZ curriculum, one withOUT (as I've said, I'd drop the curriculum - especially for Years 11-13 where you already have the matrix in there.)


You can edit the dropdown menus if you're keen by heading to the 'Do Not Touch' tab at the bottom of each sheet and adding your own ideas.  Instructions for this are included.


Don't hesitate to give me a call re this product!  I think it's a game-changer though!  Whoop-whoop!


  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    You're welcome to share this with teachers in your faculty at the time of purchase.  Please don't share it with those folks down the road - they can buy their own don't you think?!   :)

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