1.5 Formal Writing - Bubble Report x

1.5 Formal Writing - Bubble Report x


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Created for 1.5 Produce Formal Writing (AS90053), this task the World Health Organisation has asked for countries to select at random teenagers to write reports about their experiences during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Their reports will be title "Bubble Report x" with the x being replace by the initial of their last name and their house number eg Bubble Report W26.

(Having said that, they also have to add their name to it!).  Students are guided through the formatting of a report to include a title page, introduction, 3 body sections (including headings for each) and a conclusion.  They are also encouraged to use appropriate graphics/photos and to caption these.  


Students are provided with:

  • Checkpoints to ensure they manage their time well (you can add the dates)
  • A clearly unpacked set of Achievement Criteria
  • Links to the NZQA exemplars, as well as a complete example of a report (written specifically by the author for this task)
  • Information about what 'formal' actually means
  • Information about common errors, connectives, and the correct integration and punctuation of quotations
  • Templates to help them plan their report as well as specific ideas
  • A checklist to ensure their work is up to standard... and more!


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  • A PDF version


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