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1.3 Unfamiliar Texts - Study Guide

1.3 Unfamiliar Texts - Study Guide


See a flipbook of this resource here.

Finally!  Something for 1.3!

For students and teachers working with 1.3 Unfamiliar Texts, this booklet takes students through how to:

- approach unfamiliar texts

- find main and specific ideas

- find evidence and discuss it

- blend quotations into your writing

- read 'behind' the lines (eg audience and purpose)

- make cue cards / flash cards - ...and more!


It also encourages students to have a go at writing their own questions, plus provides handy templates for teachers to use to write their own questions for texts you've found yourselves.


This is brilliant for students, parents who are stressing about their children, and for teachers who need a helpful guide.


Comes in Microsoft PowerPoint (resized for an A4 page). This means it can be:

- edited - students can type answers into this booklet and teachers can edit it to suit specific needs

- printed

- used as a digital booklet - take advantage of hyperlinks to websites and also those included for easy navigation (such as the quick 'home' button on every page back to the table of contents).



  • Sharing/Copying this Resource

    Please do not share this with your mates or collegues.  Purchaser use only.  :)

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