Frequently Asked Questions

What format do products come in?

Products are emailed to you as an attachment.  They come in Microsoft Word format.  Save the attachment. 

You may also like the product shared with you as a Google Doc.

When your Microsoft word product is first emailed to you, simply hit reply to let us know if you'd also like a Google Doc shared with you.

What happens if I edit a resource and muck it up?

No problem.  Just find your email and the attachment again and you're good to go.

It could be a good idea, when saving it in the first place, to call it 'ORIGINAL', and then any edits you do from there save under a different name.  Then you've always got the original to go back to.

Also, I'm a teacher, I get it.  Just give me a call or email and I'll help you out.  :)

How exactly do I use the task booklets?

1.  Edit the booklet/resource as you like. 

2.  You can then distribute to students:

  • as printed hard copies (yes, you're welcome to print away guilt-free because we are getting real when it comes to teacher needs here!).  You might need to go through the booklet to give students more room to write - lengthening the rows in tables for example.

  • by sharing as a VIEW ONLY GOOGLE DOC.  Just hit SHARE, add in all of their email addresses, check it's set to VIEW ONLY, then hit SEND.  Students will find the file in their 'Shared with Me' folder.  Ask them to MAKE A COPY  so that they can then write on it.  (Remind them to file it in the correct folder, depending on your classroom set-up - see our handy videos to show you how to to this here.

  • by adding it to Google Classroom or your Google Site.

  • by emailing it to them as a Microsoft Word doc (Microsoft Schools).

3.  From here you can run a mix of:

  • taking students through pages as part of a whole class or group lesson, and

  • letting students work through the booklet at their own pace (in class and at home), differentiated for the varied speeds at which students work.


Help!  My students are working in a digital version, but keep mucking up the format of the document as they work!

Okay, you have a couple of choices here.  You can:

  • Handle the jandal - these students desperately neeeeeeed to know how to work a Microsoft Word or Google Doc by now!  Sooo many of our students (and their parents, and many teachers) think they're tech savvy, but this often only extends to social media type 'stuff'.  Let them learn by 'doing'.

  • Distribute pdf versions (you can easily 'save as' a pdf) and then get them to learn to use DocHub to edit the pdf (it's free).

  • Go back to paper (cry).

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