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The Warm Fuzzies

Thank you cards.JPG
Just a quick note to say.JPG

Print these off and keep them handy!

'Thankyou' and 'Just a quick note to say...' make all the difference to relationships between you and your colleagues and you and your students.  

Catch 'em when they're good! thumbnail.p

Good Report

Students fall all over themselves for these.  Even the seniors laugh but love 'em!  (An edit is in the pipeline to make them quicker to complete.) 

Cover for shops.png

Never miss a birthday!

Print off loads at the beginning of the year - keep 'em handy!  Over-achievers might like to pre-write and sort into birthday order.  Yikes! 

Essay Checklists for web.png

Essay Checklists

Great for students to sit beside them as they work.   Great for students like I was who just don't 'get' essays.  

Teaching Tools

Greta's speech.png

'That' speech!

A close reading activity about Greta Thunberg's speech to the  UN Climate Action Summit.

Daily dash.png

The Daily Dash!

A fab lesson starter.  Get students to write as much as they can for 3 minutes about a crazy topic you've written on the board (eg pink elephants) or whatever (!)  Students count their words and graph.  If you're keen, get them to divide their score by the number of mistakes!  Helps alleviate writing paralysis!

Pillage and Plunder.png

Pillage and Plunder Posters

Students work on their own, then, after a certain time can wander around the classroom to gather more ideas from others.  Think of it as 'good' cheating meets collaboration.  Students love it!  PDF posters - 4 designs to choose from.

Handy list of thug notes.png

Thug Notes

Takes you to a Wikipedia page.  Scroll down to get the list.


Glitter and Glue - Set 1

Click on the pic for an instant download!  Whoop whoop!

Planning (for teachers and students)

Engaging Your Senior Students with multi

Alternative Planning Template

Engage seniors (especially year 13 / grade 12!) with some 'multi planning' and a tutorial system.

Read blog for the 'how to'!

Term Planner for Students - pic.PNG

Term Planner for Students

Students fill in all assessment dates for all subjects.  Gives them an 'at-a-glance one-pager to keep track of it all!

Year planner.PNG

Year Planner for Your Class

4 terms with dates already included.  Simply type in your plan for the year.

page 1.jpg

Plan to Use Digital Literacy to Enhance Learning

Several different planning ideas here.  Includes examples.


Weekly study planner for students

A great way to map out exactly when they'll fit in a bit of study!  


Weekly Diary for Students

Students can print or use this Microsoft Word doc digitally.  At the bottom of the doc is a link to a Google Doc version if preferred.  All bases covered!

Gannt Chart - free!.png


NZ Teaching Council Quality Practice Tem

Edited NZ Teaching Council's Quality Practice Template

Includes key graphic and 'In a nutshell' blurb to clarify each standard.  I have also added the Secondary Schools' matrix so that everything's in one place.  Should be completed collaboratively.

Feeds into Teacher Inquiry.

Coversheets L1.png
coversheet pic l2.png
coversheet pic l3.png

Editable cover sheets to attach to students' assessments

These include the assessment criteria PLUS any further information from the clarifications and explanatory notes - great help for teachers as they mark!  Hyperlinks are included to take you to relevant docs should you need to have an extra look. 

Internal Moderation sheet.JPG

See also...

Webstuff You Can Never Find - a page dedicated with proving you with all those NZQA etc etc links you can never find!

Internal Moderstion Record

Are you keeping track of this?  Have you got a good system to do so?  This one has been tried and tested and works brilliantly!

Oral Assessment Record

When students give you an oral response, you might record it on your phone, but how do you note your grading of it?  This form has been designed to tick this box!

For Your Classroom Wall

ict systems posters pdf version.png
ict systems posters ms word.png

Quick visual explanations of your classroom digital technologies.

Designed because I was sick of repeating myself (and I love it when one student says to another, "it tells you how to do it up there man" as they point to the wall.  Note editable version here so you can change it up for your own systems if needed.

Progress chart L1 literacy.png

Unit Standard Tracking

It's a nightmare for both you and your students to keep track of the 3 necessary tasks for the 3 necessary standards!  Put this on the wall, then you/students colour in.  Boom - sanity saved!

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